Schoolwork Update!

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since I’ve been busy literally every day since Christmas, I haven’t had energy to update this blog, but here are a few pieces I did during the spring semester.

Here are three pieces from our Digital Environment Concept Art class, starting with a Mediterranean-inspired alleyway at night. The next one is a Lord of the Rings concept, an idea for Arwen’s room in Rivendell. The third one is a suggestion to what a Mayan village could’ve looked like 10 years after all the people had disappeared.

Then there’s the two finished longer poses for Figure Painting. The first one was done during 6 classes over 3 weeks. The second one was done during about 13 classes over 7 weeks.

Last but not least there are three pieces from my cartooning class.

There are a few more pieces I yet have to document and post, will do that in not too long.


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